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Friday, January 16, 2009

new phase of life

I haven't been blogging for VERY LONG TIME!!!!
Have been busy with my marriage planning (last year) and rushing for deadline (my job!!)
I was reading that suddenly trigger my mood to write.
Nowadays, I'm busy (again) rushing for deadline; and adjusting and getting used to married life which I must admit **********************************************************
... everyone said is just another phase of life and I'll be able to get used to it soon (those are their thoughts and experiences ... they are not and have not been living my kinda life)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Never set expectation

I hate being cheated. I always believe that people should not take advantage of someone's easy-going attitude. However, I'm SO WRONG.

I can only learn not to have any expectation, then, no matter how sucks the result is, I won't feel a thing as I don't have expectation. Previously, I learn not to set high expectation, but this is not working coz I will not accept any thing below my expectation. I also used to learn to expect for the worst outcome which is not good coz I always look at everything negatively.

Sigh ... the real world is so cruel.

On the bright side ...
1) I enjoy dressing up and photo shooting experience
2) Will always bargain and talk the terms and condition up front whenever it has to do with money
3) I save more money to do other things that I'll be happier instead of wasting it on something that will ended up in closet :P
4) I know I do look MORE gorgeous with makeup (coz I am, in actual fact, gorgeous without makeup ... muakakakaka)

One good thing about me is that, I always know how to find reason / excuses to make me feel better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

malu to tell ppl i'm in IT line coz i don't really alot of IT things that ppl thot i shld know :P
like this blogspot .. shld be able to come out with fancy tools like video, some background things, etc, but i hardly mau explore how to come out with it ... so, if you are getting bored reading my blog ... I HARDLY CARE :P .. just wanna type down (tak mau write coz since i'll be in front of the notebook most of the time, might as well type it) something ...

after a year plus having the N73, i just started to explore net to get some cute theme for my hp. I have a cute mickey mouse dressing in oriental style as the theme and some other animal as the icons in my hp. must try to get some CNY songs too and a Choy San Yeh theme for my dad too .. he too, just recently get a N73

talk back about my work ... my speed in catching up with the new things is really really SLOW ... i think my boss also start to realise this too ... gosh ... there goes my performance ... and i just love to argue with my teammates during discussion .. hmmmm .. just voicing out my opinion-mah ...

hehehe ... i can talk many different topic in this blog

i was reading another blog and she talks about hitz fm morning show ... it was about this guy who suspects that his gf's best friend (a guy) is interested at his gf but his gf doens't believe him .. so, JJ and Rudy called up this gal and after some talking .. this gal called up her best frens-loh ... all this conversation is being aired ... and, talk talk talk .. the gal ask her best fren, "what if i break up wtih my bf, would you be my bf" ... her best fren actually say yes and that he will always sayang her .... moral of the story is :
NOT don't ever have a best guy fren .. IS don't ever call up the radio station to discuss your personal thing ... how stupid it is to actually let everyone know about this thing .. you can inform ppl in general that we should be aware of our gfs' best guy fren but never tell whole world about this ...hmmm ... i don't really have best guy fren but i do have guy frens that i can talk about anything (not til tooo personal-lah .. coz those very personal, i'll talk to my gfs)

i am getting old ... getting malas to even sms ppl to wish happy new year ... worst .. malas to reply sms too ...